A Brief Guide About Selling Products on Amazon

created on 10/February/20

If you’re planning to be an Amazon merchant, you’ve probably wondered what to sell on Amazon? What makes a good product and the factors you should consider to find it? Well, these are some of the questions we are going to answer over the next few sections. Keep reading, to know more.   

Amazon's Best Selling Categories

If you’re looking to find the best products to sell on Amazon, it is important to familiarize yourself with the top selling categories. In the following section, we’ve listed the top categories that are extremely popular among consumers across the globe.  


 Since the majority of brick and mortar bookstores are shutting their doors, books stand out as a top choice among consumers. Both new books and classics stand out as best-sellers if their total cost is lesser than $20. Books are also an excellent option as you can get them in bulk and sell them at hefty profits.  

Fashionable Items

Right after books, clothes and jewelry are yet another top option. However, since this category already has plenty of sellers, it is important to sell a unique product. Check what other merchants are selling and list products that are different (or even better) than them.  


Whether it’s cameras, phones, AI-powered tools or anything in between- electronics are one of the most popular categories among consumers. Given the amazing profits they can generate, electronic items are certainly one of the best things to sell on Amazon.   


Toys, even the most unsophisticated ones, are loved by consumers far and wide. So, check the top-selling toys, and come up with something unique to ace the seller game.     Video Games  Gift cards, video game consoles, and the latest video game editions are some of the best products to sell on Amazon. Look up online, find the latest products, and start selling them right away.

How to Choose The Best Products For Amazon

If you’ve signed up for Amazon’s fulfillment program, selling products is even easier. All you need to do is source the right products from the mentioned categories. You can consider selling our listed items along with baby products, healthcare kits, and electronic devices. The key is to picking products between $15 to $55 and ensuring the item is worth at least one third it’s selling price. The item should also come from a legitimate source and it should be lightweight enough for easy shipping.     

Steps to Picking the Right Items for Amazon

In case you want to sell the best items on Amazon, here are some of the steps you ABSOLUTELY need to follow. 


 Albeit time-consuming, this is one of the simplest ways to find some of the best things to sell on Amazon. You can refer to Amazon’s ‘Best-seller’s list’ for a detailed insight into the topic. While checking the list, click the ‘Customers Also Bought’ tab for more ideas.  Once you’re done checking the items, use Google’s keyword planner tool to find the things with the highest search volume.   

Chrome Extensions

This is yet another effective way to find the best products on Amazon. JungleScout, for instance, is a dedicated Chrome Extension that’ll list the overall monthly sales of popular products. It also lists products with minimum competition and helps you save the products of your choice.   

best product to sell on amazon

Gap in the Market

You can also find the best items to sell on Amazon, by identifying a market gap. For instance, when we searched ‘leggings for women’ more than 100,000 results were generated. But when we searched ‘women’s cycling leggings’, barely 1,000 results popped up.  Choose your preferred category and identify the market gap to sell the products people ‘actually’ need.   

Pick Products with Minimum Competition

If you're a new seller, making your way amid the stiff competition is difficult, to say the least. That is why it is best to pick products that have little to no competition. Next, come up with something unique so that you can stand ahead of the crowd.   

Sourcing Products to Sell on Amazon

Your sourcing requirements will entirely depend on the item you’re planning to sell. Probably the easiest option would be approaching wholesalers. Most of them offer common items at dirt-cheap rates.   

Alternatively, you can also check up online portals like eBay and Craiglist that feature products at low prices. Once you source the product, inflate the price and sell it on Amazon.      

Final Thoughts  

 Finding the best product to sell on Amazon is easier than you thought. Simply follow our guidelines to make a better and informed decision.   


 Q. Is it Worth Selling on Amazon?

 A. Selling on Amazon is quite successful depending on the product you sell. If you sell products from top rated categories, you can make a profit between 56% to 68% depending on the item you choose.     

 Q. How much money can I make? 

 A. While this entirely depends on what you sell, $1,000 to $250,000. Note that only 23.8% of sellers on Amazon make less than $1,000.     

 Q. What will be my operational costs?

A. The cost of selling on Amazon will depend on what you’re willing to sell. The flat monthly cost stands at $39.99 if you create a professional profile. Alternatively, you may also be charged $1 every time someone purchases one unit of your product.  Q. What is the most sold item on Amazon?  A. As of 2019, Alexa TV Remote was the most sold item on Amazon.

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