Amazon Price Tracker – An Intensive Guide

created on 17/February/20

Amazon Price Tracker – An Intensive Guide

Amazon is a great place to find products that you need, but sometimes the price can be a little too high. This makes immediate purchases impossible. Luckily, there are deals happening every day that can lower the price to an acceptable threshold. Even better, you don’t need to keep refreshing the product’s page to make sure you don’t miss a deal by using an Amazon price tracker.

What Is an Amazon Price Tracker?

An Amazon price tracker is an app or chrome extension that allows you to monitor product prices and get alerted at price drops. The developers of these tools know that we can’t always be vigilant and perform an Amazon price check. So these tools do it for us constantly while we do other important things. In the end, we never miss an opportunity to save because we were busy with other things.

What to Look for in an Amazon Price Tracker – 3 Important Features

When looking for a price checker to use, there are three important features that you need to be aware of. These are:

  1. Alerts On Price Drops
  2. Price Histories
  3. Browser Extension

1. Alerts On Price Drops

Every Amazon price monitor worth its salt will let you set a threshold amount. And when the product being monitored's price decreases below that threshold, it will immediately send you an alert, telling you to buy now. This is done through email, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook or other methods.

2. Price Histories

Price histories is also another important, but not as critical as the price drop alerts. These allow you to analyze the various price trends of products that interest you. With this data, for example, you can be able to tell if the price of a product will drop anytime soon and if you should monitor it further.

3. Browser Extension

A browser add-on is also important. While most of the tracking will happen on the web app, the browser extension will allow you to set price drop alerts and see the price history charts without leaving Amazon. This feature offers convenience by eliminating the tedium of switching between tabs

Top 3 Amazon Price Trackers

Now that you know what an Amazon price tracker is and what features to look for, it is time to answer an important question: what is the best amazon price tracker? Here are three options you could try:

1. Keepa

Keepa is one of the more popular tools people use to track Amazon prices. It allows you to set alerts so that you receive notifications whenever prices drop on products you are tracking, as well as see price histories. You can also sync your wish list, automatically adding products you have already been watching on Amazon to the tracker. It also has extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge browsers.

Amazon Price Tracker

2. Camel Camel Camel

Camelcamelcamel is another popular price tracker for Amazon. It has all the same features as Keepa, from the price drop alerts to the browser extensions (Chrome and Firefox only) to wishlist synchronization. But perhaps its most distinguishing feature is the bookmarklet called Camelet . This allows you to easily switch from the product you’re viewing on Amazon to the page on camelcamelcamel where you can track it.

amazon price tracker

3. Earny

Earny earns a spot on this list because it functions a little differently from the other Amazon price trackers. While Keepa and camelcamelcamel are all about saving before the purchase, Earny is about saving after the purchase. If you have ever bought something on Amazon today and then realized the next day that it went on sale, Earny is for you.

check amazon price history

Earny does its magic by going into your inbox and looking for receipts. Once it has collected them, it goes on Amazon and looks for price drops. When it finds them, the people at Earny get you a refund on the difference.

Final Thoughts

We have all been there, where we missed a deal that could have saved us money because we weren’t paying attention. But we can all agree that staying on top of Amazon deals without any help is impractical. But with an Amazon price tracker, this has been made extremely easy. Use any of the above-mentioned Amazon price trackers to never miss a deal.

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