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created on 13/February/20

 what does amazon sales rank mean

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Amazon sellers want to be at the podium spot when it comes to Amazon Sales Rank . Being at the number one position translates to better business on Amazon. The simplest and easiest way of achieving a higher rank on the Amazon sales ranking is by amazing sales. If your product's rank is not among the top 100, then we have some tips for you.

Let’s jump into this by understanding what does Amazon Sales Rank mean:

What is Amazon Sales Rank?

Amazon Sales Rank is how well your item is selling on Amazon as compared to competitors in its category.For example, you’re a smartphones trader in the Electronics category, then your smartphones will be competing against all other smartphones in that same category. This way you'll get to know what's trending on Amazon.

Is Best Seller Rank (BSR) the same as Amazon Sales Rank (ASR)?

Yes, Amazon Best Seller Ranking (ABSR) is as same as Amazon Sales Rank.

How is Amazon sales rank calculated?

Amazon gives product ranking based on the number with #1 being the top rank.

Getting into single digit rank on amazon could be though as the product category could have millions of products. Focus on the goal of having rank in Top 100.Amazon hourly updates its sales rank, so don't think much about the product rank if it's fluctuating a lot.Your primary focus should be on your product sales. You might be wondering what are the factors responsible for ranking?Let jump deep and see what you need to rank higher on Amazon. The Key Factors that Influence Sales Rank on Amazon are the following:

⦁ Quality

If you’re selling products that are best in the class and of the topmost quality, the shopper will surely see it. Know the fact that people are always ready to pay more buck for an item which is of superior quality than other products in the same category.

⦁ Choose FBA

FBA is Fulfilment By Amazon and having FBA means that all you have gotta do is, keep your product ready to send to Amazon’s fulfilment center. FBA listings are also eligible for Amazon Prime. There are chances that Amazon’s A10 algorithm will make your rank better if you have chosen FBA.

⦁ Reviews

This particular process takes more time to get results but builds a strong fan base. Get more positive reviews, this further lets potential buyers see that your products are worth it.

⦁ Price

Ranking your product at the top, your product should be priced aggressively. This can be done by reducing your profit margin on selected products for a short period of time, this may help you in boosting Amazon Sales Rank for a longer time.

⦁ Availability

Never let your inventory go out of stock, going out will mean that buyers won't be able to get hands on your product and with no sales. Then your product can't compete in the amazon sales ranking.

Top 3 Tools to Detect Amazon Sales Rank

After learning so much about amazon ranking, now you might be wondering how to find Amazon sales rank . To help you figure out the sales and sales ranking of products, there are many Amazon sales rank calculator in the market. But we have collected three tools that will help you track Amazon sales rank easily:


AMZ Shark


How to Boost Amazon Sales Rank?

Maintaining your product quality, having good customer reviews and aggressively setting the price of your products, will help you achieve the top Amazon sales ranking.

Final Thoughts

Now you understand everything about the Amazon sales rank and know what is a good amazon sales rank . Now is the time that you should start experimenting and making money from Amazon. The most trustworthy method of learning is by doing it yourself and trying out new things. Also, the Amazon Best Seller Rank algorithm keeps on changing often, sometimes daily. Although this complex mechanism may be exciting for you at the time, all you need do is, focus on more product sales.


⦁ What is a good sales rank on Amazon?

A good sales rank on Amazon could be anything in Single digits or double digits solely depending on the number of products in the category.

⦁ How to find product rank on Amazon?

To find out the product rank on Amazon, there are many Amazon sales rank tracker software available on the internet such as Scope, AMZ Shark, and Amachete.

⦁ How to rank higher on Amazon?

Product quality, choosing FBA strategy, good product reviews, competitive pricing and availability of the product are some of the key factors that can help your product rank higher on Amazon.

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